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Case Study Writer

Supercharge Growth With Your Customer Success Stories

So, you need an experienced Australian case study writer.

Perfect! You're in the right place.

Wait! You have some very specific requirements...

You need a benefit-focused expert to design a compelling case study showcasing your most successful projects.

An experienced business writer AND marketer that doesn't need you to hold their hand!

Someone that will ask the right questions.

A professional case study writer that will interview your team and clients to extract the solutions that matter most to your target audience.

Great job, you found us!

Doubleshot has written hundreds of high-quality case studies for clients across every industry. We're the case study experts that work with businesses of all sizes across every industry, from smaller construction businesses to large manufacturing organisations to SaaS clients with billion-dollar valuations. If you need case studies that get results, we can help. 

Our case study writing services are guaranteed to attract attention and get quantifiable results for your company.

Book a discovery call today to discuss your case study requirements!


The Power Of Case Studies

Investing in high-quality case studies is one of the highest ROI activities that your marketing budget can deliver.


Case studies highlight real customer success stories - the problems you solved and how your business approached the challenge.


Case studies showcase your business like nothing else. A good case study explains your product or service offering in a way that other marketing material can't match.


Yet, the true power of case studies lies in their ability to allow potential customers to place themselves in the position of your most successful customer. Case studies enable potential customers to instantly recognise the value that your business will deliver for them in a highly authoritative way. Nothing convinces customers like a relevant, real-world example based on actual customer data.

Designing a good case study can be extremely challenging. In our experience, in-house marketing teams often try (and fail) to write case studies that get tangible results. The process can be time-consuming, and the results can be very average unless you're asking the right questions.


Many case studies have one critical flaw - they're boring! SO BORING. At Doubleshot, we understand how to design case studies that highlight companies' strengths while remaining entertaining for any audience to read. 

A great case study tells customers why your business is the answer they've been searching for in a manner that they're excited to read

ONE Content Piece That You Can USE Everywhere

Our case study writing services help your business attract new customers and engage with your existing audience. We design a compelling customer success story that you can leverage across platforms:

  • Instantly add credibility to customer proposals and marketing material

  • Quickly increase conversion on your business website

  • Deliver more engaging social media posts across platforms 

  • Easily explain technical products features in a simple way that customers understand

  • Build your email list faster using a downloadable lead magnet

A compelling story that gets results

Our case studies present your business in the best possible light and expose the hidden benefits that may not be obvious to potential customers (or your own team). 

We design engaging stories that describe the challenges you faced along with the compelling solution that you delivered. 

Our Research and Data Gathering Process

Conducting case study analysis before we start writing is the most crucial stage of every project that we complete. 

The importance of completing careful research cannot be overstated. We need to answer all of your project's crucial questions to establish sufficient context to deliver a great result. More data equals a superior case study that will deliver results for years to come. 

Our simple process for completing your next case study:


  1. Discovery Call

  2. Quote 

  3. Research 

  4. Delivery 

A few of the common questions we'll ask you before we commence your case study project:

  • Why is your business unique?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • Do you have a customer avatar?

  • Where do you plan on publishing your case study?

  • Who can we discuss your project with?

  • Can we interview your customer(s)?

  • Can we interview your team member(s)?

  • What were the most significant challenges throughout your project?

  • Explain your unique solution to the customer's problem 

  • How did you approach the project delivery?

  • Did you overcome any seemingly insurmountable obstacles?


Book a discovery call today to discuss your case study requirements!

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