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Get Website Copywriting that delivers Measurable results

Boost MARKETING performance

Sending expensive paid traffic to websites with average copy is like building a house on sand. Get rock-solid copy that deserves paid traffic today

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Increase Conversion Fast

Introduce polished, benefit-driven content that customers can't resist to send your conversion rates into the stratosphere now

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Get an unfair advantage over your competitors. Stand out from the crowd with exceptional copy in a sea of average content. Smash the competition  before it's too late

Dominate search

Optimise your content for search engines and send thousands of potential customers with commercial intent to your website. Grow your business with organic traffic today

Website Copywriting is just the beginning!
OUR professional COPYWRITING

premium Quality














Advertorial content










& ebooks

NEWSLEtteR content



Copywriting Services

  Content that makes you look AMAZING

We make business owners and marketing teams look amazing. In-house copy lacks the punch necessary for needle-moving results. We produce polished copy that'll get the attention of your audience.


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Increase your revenue for years 

High-quality copy is an investment that pays for itself many times over. A one-time tax deduction for years of optimised conversion designed specifically for your business. Get copy that makes you stand out now!


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Help customers
your products

We explain technical product features to customers in a friendly, conversational way. If customers don’t understand your products or services, they won’t buy them! Get benefit-driven content that customers understand today!


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Copywriting services

Why our copywriting services are different

Here's the truth: we're not your average freelance Copywriter.

There is an abundance of average Copywriting Services in Australia, and the massive issue is that many of these individuals have never sold anything! In fact, SO many freelance copywriters have pivoted straight from journalism into writing copy with minimal exposure to digital marketing.


The difference between effective copywriting and average copywriting is a precise understanding of your content goals and the specific pain points of your unique target audience. 

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We're different.

At Doubleshot, our team of professional Copywriters have decades of sales and marketing experience across organisations of all sizes.


We're laser-focused on designing quality copy that consistently delivers real results for your business (regardless of size).


Our team has a unique understanding of the way content is used to drive traffic and customers' decision-making processes.


We're digital marketing experts, not journalists! 

We live and breathe digital marketing.

Doubleshot is a full-service digital marketing agency. We leverage everything from PPC analytics to deep SEO analysis to consistently achieve results for all of our customers. Our team understands that content is the beginning of the customer journey, not the end. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we deliver content that consistently attracts and converts.

Our clients love us.

Doubleshot Copywriting has an enviable reputation throughout the industry for delivering high-quality, professional copywriting services at competitive prices. We've received positive reviews from thousands of paying clients that have increased brand awareness and supercharged revenue growth with our services. We carefully project manage the entire content creation process from the first draft through to final copy delivery with an emphasis on transparency for customers throughout.

Sydney City - Copywriting Location

Professional Copywriting services to grow your business FAST


Increase your reach today with killer content that customers understand.

Doubleshot is Australia's leading full-service Copywriting and Content Creation Agency. We specialise in delivering engaging, professional copywriting services that will make your business instantly stand out from competitors. 

Our freelance copywriting services and digital marketing consulting will help increase traffic to your business website with high-quality content to maximise your marketing success.


We design content that is perfectly aligned with your brand and speaks directly to the needs of your unique target audience. 

Our team has a deep understanding of content marketing strategies that deliver results for businesses in every vertical or niche. We'll help your business grow faster with exceptional content marketing that attracts new customers, generates more leads, and increases sales to smash your business goals!

Looking for compelling website copywriting that will increase traffic to your business?

Need persuasive SEO-optimised copy for a new website?

Want to show up in search engines using search engine optimisation instead of paying for expensive ads?

Desperate for a unique lead magnet or funnel content?


Well, you've come to the right place!

Content Marketing Wall

How we helP grow your business FAST

Our Copywriting Services

Our team of Australian Copywriters specialise in delivering a comprehensive range of service offerings, from content marketing strategy to SEO copywriting to high-conversion website copywriting.


Get help with all of your content requirements in one location. 


Website Copywriting


For new websites or website redesigns, we can help.

Give your new website the very best chance of success with exceptional quality website copywriting that customers understand. We design content that customers love and search engines index.

Sales Funnel Design

Get copywriting that converts at every step of your sales funnels. We love Clickfunnels, Unbounce and many more funnel platforms. Our team will design copy that aligns perfectly with your audience.

Product Descriptions

Need high-conversion product descriptions for e-commerce sites? We can make your products look and sound amazing, fast.

Sales Page Copywriting

Need sales pages that create instant demand? From short snappy SaaS copy to long direct response pages, we can help! Our team will write copy that drives demand like you're giving away free money.

SEO Copywriting Services

Get your website to show up in organic search results faster. We design SEO-friendly copy that people and search engines can easily understand! Our team can assist with all aspects of SEO, from locating the right SEO keywords using keyword research to link building. Choose the SEO copywriting services to get your business website on page 1. 

Press Releases

Reduce stress and save time with content for your next important announcement with high-quality, media-friendly press releases.


Email Campaigns

We design email campaigns that connect with your audience for any purpose, from cold email sequences to nurture campaigns and everything in between.

Brochure Copy

Need an attention-grabbing print campaign with copy that pops? We can help with brochures or printables for every audience.

Ad Copy

Get ad copy that delivers higher CTR and conversion. We can help with ads for every platform, from Facebook to Pinterest.

White Papers

Leverage industry-first white papers to build authority and attract customers to your business. We're experts at showcasing your products or services with compelling white papers that get downloaded and shared. 


Blog Copywriting

Discover new audiences as you increase your presence in search engine result pages with shareable blogs that customers love to read. We offer a range of packages for businesses that require ongoing content support with blogs that get attention.  


Social Media Posts

Need thought-leadership content for LinkedIn posts? We can write thought-provoking, audience-specific content for your business or personal LinkedIn page.

Content Marketing Strategy

Effective content marketing requires a strategic approach to maximise return on investment. We understand the best approach to lead generation regardless of our large or small your content budget is!










Common questions about copywriting services

What exactly does a professional copywriter do?


We take all of those boring words that your business needs to acquire new customers and make them sound amazing.


Think of a copywriter as a car detailer for your business that polishes your website and written content so that you look fantastic everywhere.

For example, we'll ensure that your site content has engaging copy that aligns with your brand and target market. Our team only designs compelling website copy that will make your competitors green with envy.


The right words to present your business in the very best light so that potential customers desperately want to use your product or services. We use clear benefits written in language that allows customers to easily understand exactly what you're offering.

Where are you located?

Doubleshot was born in Sydney, and then our team followed the covid migration north in 2020, eventually landing in Newcastle.

We're located in Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle, NSW.


However, many of our digital marketing team members are based around Australia and have been working remotely since Covid restrictions commenced.

How much do copywriters generally charge?

The industry rates for an Australian Copywriter can vary as much as property prices in the East and the West of Sydney.


However, the quality of written content varies even more.

Generally, an experienced copywriter in Sydney will charge $900 (bottom end) - $3500 (top end) AUD per day for designing high-quality content.


If you're receiving quotes significantly less than this for your copywriting briefs, you may be hiring one of the average copywriters discussed above.


We recommend saving your budget until you're ready to hire an experienced professional for your content creation needs.

Do you help small businesses and medium-sized businesses?

Yes! We love small businesses because they have the most to gain from increasing their online presence, and we can often see real results immediately. Regardless of your business size, industry, or niche, we can help. Our trusted Copywriters have the expertise to deliver fantastic content for your copywriting project. Save time and increase sales with more enquiries from your ideal customers with the right message today.  

Can I do my own website copywriting?

Absolutely! You'll just need:

  • An abundance of spare time

  • An excellent understanding of your target audience

  • An extensive digital marketing background

  • Expensive digital tools

Then you'll probably get halfway there...

However, in our experience, many of our successful clients struggle to find the time or motivation to write high-quality copy for their business websites.


We've also found that it's more challenging to write about yourself or your business effectively as you're too close to the subject matter.


A freelance copywriter can achieve a different, high-level perspective necessary for positioning content effectively to match the needs of your target audience. 

Average or great content? Compelling website copy or basic website copy? The choice is yours.

Copywriting or Copy Writing?

Easy! Copywriting.

Real-world usage example: "The copywriting project is focused on enhancing the website copy for our professional services company. We use a professional copywriter from Doubleshot to ensure that our content marketing is best in class with concise, engaging copy".

Do I really need to optimise my content for SEO?

Yes, yes, and more YES!


Search engine optimisation (SEO) has never been more critical as the price of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising continues to increase along with the demand for traffic.


Luckily, we're the SEO copywriting experts.

As a business owner, you have the choice of investing in the long-term strategy of SEO or paying ever-increasing prices for digital advertising.


Site copy that hasn't been optimised for SEO is the biggest hurdle preventing customers from seeing your website.

Do you like free marketing or zero-cost website leads? Yes. We do too!


Then hire an SEO copywriter from Doubleshot to review the relevance of your SEO content for the search terms that matter and ensure that your website aligns with the places your potential customers are looking for.

Should I hire a graphic designer or copywriter first?

Great question! We recommend completing both elements in parallel for optimal results. The Copywriter and Graphic Designer can work together to achieve an aesthetically beautiful design with compelling content. However, as a definitive answer, you should hire the Copywriter first (because we're biased). Also, we have expert designers on our team, so this question isn't necessary if you're using our services.

Can you help with scriptwriting?

Sure, we're experts at writing marketing scripts or VSLs (Video Scripts) for clients. However, you may be better off dealing with a dedicated video production company for more general scripts.

Can you give me a price per thousand words?

Nope, never.

Sorry, not sorry.

Experienced copywriters leverage our many years of expertise to deliver concise writing that is simple to read and easy to understand. So, if we changed per word, we'd be penalised for making your copy shorter and more effective.


As a business, you need effective copywriting that converts, not wordy essays, for a fixed fee that achieves nothing. We only deliver copy that encourages action for our many paying customers.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is an incredibly broad term that encompasses everything from social media engagement to direct response mail. In short, content marketing is the effective use of compelling content (words, images, and videos, usually) to attract, persuade, or inform customers or stakeholders to take a specific action that aligns with your business goals. A copywriter is the perfect hire to assist with your digital marketing strategy and expand your brand's reach. Leverage our expertise for

Can my agency white-label your services?

Sure, anything is possible, and we're open to white labelling our copywriting services with preferential pricing agreements available for digital marketing agencies.

How do I know that you're ANY good?

We have completed thousands of successful projects for Australian companies. The Doubleshot team is well respected throughout the industry for the quality content and fantastic service we've delivered over many years.

Why should I hire a LOCAL copywriter?

One word.


Copywriters from Australia understand the language that works best for Australian readers and generally produce top-tier writing. Selecting offshore copywriting services can result in poor-quality writing and hundreds of wasted hours on revisions.

How valuable is your time? 

Talk to the experts now

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Grow your business
while saving

Designing exceptional copy that converts is challenging and takes hours! Recover time to focus on the activities within your business that desperately need attention. We'll design the copy while you chase the growth. Get the time-saving solution to all of your copy needs now!


Get help from the experts NOW

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